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Sherwin Williams, Color of The Year 2021

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Sherwin Williams recently released their Color of The Year for 2021, and it is exactly what we need after enduring 2020. Urbane Bronze, a hue that naturally coordinates with the comfort and energy we are looking to instill into our home lives. As we are now relying more on our home life than ever before, we seek tranquility and calming environments which can be brought into our spaces through a tint like this.

Read along, to see how Sunset West is interpreting the Color of The Year and bringing it into our outdoor living spaces. 

Sherwin Williams Color of The Year

The everyday chaos and nonstop busyness of our lives have us leaning more on the comfort and stability of home. Whether that is within the walls our home or in the backyard, these spaces have become crucial to escaping reality and spending much needed quality time with our loved ones. A hue like Urbane Bronze is easy to incorporate into your living space as it coordinates smoothly with many existing accent colors and decor, allowing for a nice refresh without a total redecoration. 

This Color of The Year aligns with the stone color story which includes the Marbella, Pietra and Vegas collection's. Other collections that complement this design scheme include Emerald II and La Jolla. Perfect for taking on a minimalistic look, this color offers naturalistic energy that will offer a relaxing uplift to any space - indoor or out. 

In need of more inspiration? Check out the Sherwin Williams blog to see more ways to introduce Urbane Bronze into your space flawlessly.


The Marbella Collection 



The Emerald II Collection  



 The La Jolla Collection



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