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A Thanksgiving Outdoors

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While keeping social distancing in mind for the Holidays, our team has created a quick and easy guide to taking your Thanksgiving outdoors this year. With simple table settings and your classic dishes re-invented on the grill - an easy to manage Thanksgiving meal in the outdoors is the ideal way to spend quality time with the family while still following the proper small gatherings protocol. 

From freshly grilled veggies to sweet potato casserole and desert re-imagined, read along for a few easy recipes for Thanksgiving grilling and the perfect dining tables for your outdoor living space.


Grilled sweet potatoes with an extra something sweet.

A fresh spin on a classic, that involves less ingredients and most importantly, less time. See recipe below.

Time: 15 Minutes to Dinner

Action Plan: The sweet poatoes only need about 10 minutes on the grill to heat through and allow the marshmallows to toast (Keep an eye on them!). So you can place them on the grill a few minutes after the Brussels sprouts.

See the full recipe from the Food Network, here.


Pumpkin pie... on the grill! Who knew this was possible?

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without one, but did you know you didn't need an oven to bake one? Recipe below!

Time: Dinnertime!

Action Plan: While you eat dinner, it's time to cook dessert! Our grilled pie calls for a pre-made pie shell in a disposable metal plate, and only a few other ingredients (all deliciously straight-forward and classic). Mix everything up when you have a free moment during dinner prep and pop it in the fridge until you're ready to sit down for dinner. The pie cooks for nearly an hour.

See the full recipe from the Food Network, here.

If there is one thing to love about eating outdoors, it's the simplicity and laid-back ambience of setting the table outside. Decorations are less of the focus as the fresh air is enjoyable and your guests feel relaxed with the ample room for appropriate social distancing. Light some candles, lay out your low fuss place settings, and add a simple centerpiece or table runner. Utilizing an extension dining table, or serving from a converted console or smaller round table creates the necessary space for those few extra guests. The Coastal Teak collection has ideal tables for both dining and serving, you can check them out here. 


A charming table setting with lakeside views - featuring Monterey.

Weather permitting, grilling while lounging with the family sounds like a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving day. An outdoor table filled with fun, tasty dishes and surrounded by family - ensures a comforting Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.  

Shop extension dining tables here, or view dining by collections at Sunset West.

Rustic Havana dining served up with all natural Coastal Teak. 


 Transitional Majorca paired with Coastal Teak.




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