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Outdoor Living with Jettset Farmhouse

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For those who reside in year round warm climates, outdoor living is a huge part of everyday home life. When you experience mild winters and dreamy summers, who wouldn't want to take advantage of every outdoor dining or morning cup of coffee on the porch you can get. Noell Jett, of the blog Jettset Farmhouse, shows us firsthand how she maximized her outdoor living spaces to best enjoy her Florida home with her family.

The Jettset Farmhouse, a project that Noell and her husband took on as a totally hand-built custom home, features three main outdoor living areas, each catered to different entertaining purposes. A front porch, a screened in dining area located at the back of the home, and an outdoor lounge area set next to a pond, and shaded by well-established trees.

Read along to see how Noell created outdoor living spaces for her family and guests to enjoy.

Jettset Farmhouse by Noell / Sunset West USA
Having an outdoor dining space was a main priority for Noell and her husband, as they both come from large families and have children of their own. The addition of the serving window was a huge plus, creating a seamless connection from the kitchen to the outdoor dining space. 

Jettset Farmhouse by Noell / Sunset West USA
Materials matter. Noell picked out dining pieces from the Coastal Teak Collection with intent for furniture that would last a lifetime, uphold to heavy use and age beautifully with time. Paired with the Havana Collection Dining Chairs. 

Jettset Farmhouse by Noell + Sunset West USA
The details. Touches of rustic decor tie together the 'Farmhouse Look'. Tin candles, ceramic pots, planters, and of course - lots of greenery complete the table setting and carry out Noell's interior design scheme from the interior living and dining spaces.

Jettset Farmhouse + Sunset West USA
Cushions for comfort. Sunbrella cushions add a plush and comfort to the teak and wicker furniture. Designed and made for heavy outdoor use, Sunbrella doubles as weather-resistant and kid-resistant, with easy to clean methods that will keep your cushions looking fresh for years.

Jettset Farmhouse by Noell + Sunset West USA
Lounging under the trees. Noell chose the Laguna Collection for its durability and timeless look. This "little slice of heaven" as she put it, features the Havana Swivel Rocker paired with bestselling Laguna Collection pieces. 

We love a classic take on Farmhouse style and Noell's design sense, mixing and matching different collections to achieve an elevated look that boasts comfort for a crowd. To read more about the transformation, visit the Jettset Farmhouse blog here



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