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Sustainable Practices in the Outdoor Furniture Industry

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At Sunset West, we exclusively use Sunbrella Fabrics on all of our furniture frames. With a longstanding reputation for durability and comfort as well as their commitment to quality: Sunbrella is the best option for outdoor lounging upholstery. 

In the today's modern world, adopting practices to better minimize impacts on the environment has become a large part of many companies mantra's, Sunbrella included. As the furniture industry in particular has found ways to reuse materials and reduce waste, Sunbrella has joined in on the efforts to be resourceful with materials and upcycle fabrics. The Sunbrella Renaissance Collection was created with a purpose intended to eliminate fabric waste while continuing to produce industry leading, quality materials. 

To learn more about Sunbrella's environmental initiatives, visit their site here. To learn more about the components that make up the Renaissance Collection, read along.



Renaissance yarns combine up to 50% of this postindustrial recycled Sunbrella fiber. The waste is segmented into color groups, reduced back to its fiber state and then mixed with Sunbrella virgin fiber before making its way back through the fabric manufacturing process. The fiber blend helps ensure that the product meets stringent Sunbrella performance standards. Cited from the Sunbrella Renaissance Collection.



Sunbrella Renaissance yarns create the occasional, natural variation of shade or specks of color thanks to their unique composition, adding to the visual interest of the fabric. The result is a textile with vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel, and excellent performance. Cited from the Sunbrella Renaissance Collection.

Sunset West utilizes the Renaissance Collection for a variety of outdoor products. As custom upholstery is an option for all collections and outdoor living accessories offered. The Bazaar Collection features a variety of Outdoor Poufs, Ottomans and Throw Pillow Packs that are stocked in Sunbrella Heritage Granite, a staple fabric of the Sunbrella Renaissance Collection. In addition to the Bazaar Collection products, Sunset West offers a Remnant Pillow Pack Program where leftover fabric scraps are reused to create throw pillows at a discounted price. 


Shop the Bazaar, here


Sunset West delivers products made with premium materials and ensures this is done through the in house manufacturing of cushions utilizing Sunbrella Performance Fabrics. 

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